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making lots of noise and dust…

I’ve been pouring resin for the past few weeks. I had some commission work to do but also making little squares with pink seaweeds, feathers, dragonfly wings, bits of gold and text in. Lots of little squares to play with later.

When I’m pouring resin that’s all I can do as I have to leave everything where it is for days whilst it sets. Definitely no dust allowed.

But yesterday I happily packed all the resin stuff away, plugged in my table saw and made lots of noise and dust.

This piece of black bog oak has been travelling around with me for years. So many years I’ve totally forgotten who gave it to me and where it is from. I’ve at last got round to cutting it up into usable slices. Not sure what I will do with it. Dense black and very old it is beautiful as it is and I will probably set the best bits in plaster or resin and polish it flat. But I have a box full of bits and will try and make some small frames or will patchwork it with other woods.

I’m also making frames for the wax paintings I’ve started working on. As I am cutting the wood myself it is all odd and warped and not totally the same dimensions throughout. Which is how I like it but it is harder to make everything fit together.

Ran out of clamps, ran out of space and my feet are cold so that’s it for the day but I will be out again tomorrow and for a week or so until I have made enough. Then the next bit. Gesso, plaster and wax.

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