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a secret… one hundred little squares

I have a whole week of holiday before me without all the seasonal distractions.

I’m free to play and get on with the one hundred resin piece.

I was going to be all secretive and blog about it once it had all worked out and all the scary, ‘things going wrong’ bits were out the way. But today I plunged off the cliff of indecision and faffing, stuck one hundred resin squares together and I’m not sure there is any point in being secretive.

Things did go wrong. Of course.

This was days of arranging and rearranging on the light box. I say 100 squares but actually there are more likely at least 250 as many of the squares are built up by layering 2 or 3 slices.

The squares are all different heights so I had to place them in the mould face down. That’s why I had to arrange them first. I poured 100ml of clear resin in the mould as a 1mm base. Then, when that had set, poured 200ml in and started placing them.

Of course as soon as I started doing that things changed. I lost the order and lost layers and things ended up in different places. Oh and I was a row short so was making it up as I went along. Then I was covered in resin and – well things changed – as they do!

But random is something I embrace and I don’t believe my mind should be the only thing that has a say in what I make.

So this it but upside down. The other side, the front, is a mystery, but I get a feel of how it will be by putting it on the light box. OK so far.

My mind was empty of word as I built up the layers but I can think of words now to describe what I was doing. I won’t put them together in a sentence just leave them floating like these little squares I make:

light space emptiness growth hidden exposed one two another nothing small box mystery object time circle cell contained sample relic treasure three ten hundred chaos square red word poem scattered joined number memory amoebae part section bee secret shell sacred egg random order full seed white layer journey resin embedded detail preserved collection floating simple living

Tomorrow I will skim the whole thing in white resin.

White resin will seep in all over the place.

More mystery and organised randomness.

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