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Sarah McCartney Artist

Cornish artist living and working in Falmouth


Currently studying for the Authorial Illustration MA at Falmouth University. A Cornish artist living and working in Falmouth. Studied in London for many years finishing with a post graduate diploma in sculpture at the Royal Academy of Arts in 1989. Since returning in 1991 Cornwall and the sea have shaped and influence my life and work.

'My work is... process led, rooted in recording, collecting and drawing, reflecting time spent in landscape, my way of living, of being awake, remembering that I am not separate'

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back from Bryher …

I’m back from two beautiful weeks on Bryher … there I beach combed and found many wonderful things … … filled my sketchbook with words...

things from the sea …

…sometimes …its good be still … to stop searching …and look closely …at the treasure …you have already found

cold and chaos…

I’m ashamed to say my studio is in chaos. Tools, moulds, resins, frames, rubbish and stuff all over, nothing in its place. If I don’t...


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