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another squat lobster and a razorbill skull!

the best days… how good life is in Cornwall and how amazing that I can get back from a day in the office, get on my bike and within minutes be in the sea. Gylly was packed so I decided to go to Tunnel Beach a bit further on. I had it all to myself almost. A Falmouth town treasure.

The tide was going out so it was a bit tricky getting in over the rocks, best time is mid to high tide, but I swam out to the buoy and back then wandered along my little piece of paradise finding cowries and needle shells. Even found two small necklace shells – well I think that’s what they are. I was in the middle of Falmouth with a beach to myself finding cowries!

But my most amazing find was another squat lobster. This time a bigger and more colourful one. I think the last one was a moult but this was a dead one. Moults never smell and this one definitely smells a bit. I am guessing that is why it has so much colour.

Then to end my day a friend gave me a razorbill skull to clean up and draw. Looks a bit grim at the moment but look at that beak.

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