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Sarah McCartney Artist

Cornish artist living and working in Falmouth


I collect and make stories about my encounters with non-human life in sea, land and air. I celebrate, mourn, and bring attention to those I meet. I am witness to the moment I am in and believe that even though my efforts seem small, I bring something new to the world by reciprocating the gifts I have been given. 

This then is the work, a continuous journey. Paper, specimen and word. Sometimes it is enough to leave these fragments in sketchbooks and drawers. A drawing in a sketchbook may be full of energy and life, the little resin in my hand may be a beautiful object. But the whole story can be hard to see. 
My task is to curate the fragments and make song with all the seeing. Everything is connected. 

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wax paintings and life drawing

Ah finish the work first. Something to worry about next month when flying foxes and busy badgers are out the way. But today I escaped the...

making lots of noise and dust…

I’ve been pouring resin for the past few weeks. I had some commission work to do but also making little squares with pink seaweeds,...

with wax and resin

Getting back out in the garage and slowly getting a few things happening. Two weeks ago I spent a day ripping some of my oak on the table...


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