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wax paintings and life drawing

Feels like everything in the studio is very slow at the moment. Busy with Paw Print for Cornwall Wildlife Trust’s Fox Club and when I’m doing that it’s hard to do much else. All I want to do is get out to the sea. But I look at my last entry and I’ve done more or less what I said I was going to do. Frames and more frames have been made and I am still making more. Also I have started a few things with wax and plaster. Nothing finished but it will happen that I suddenly have a dozen new pieces of finished work after months of bits. This is the way of it. Then what will I do with it all? Need a gallery or an exhibition.

Ah finish the work first. Something to worry about next month when flying foxes and busy badgers are out the way.

But today I escaped the cartoons and computers to immerse myself in charcoal and paint. I spent a whole day life drawing.

I am tired and haven’t looked at what I did yet but I enjoyed having more time. It was a bigger space than I have been drawing in recently too so I was further from the model and had a big board so could use bigger paper. All good things for me. I didn’t have a plan other than to try not to be too attached to the drawing and the end result but rather immerse myself in the moment.

I will see what I did tomorrow…

… meanwhile a few sketches from my small sketchbook.

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