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A new gallery in Falmouth, I'm going to Bryher and I cant remember the last time I felt sad?

Just read my last post. I was struggling a bit and sad but I haven't felt like that for a long time now.

Good things are happening...

... this exciting new illustration gallery has just opened in Falmouth and I am lucky enough to be one of the artists exhibiting. Bodega Bijou is 'raising diverse voices in illustration...' and is a fantastic space 'created by Illustrators for Illustrators'

Go explore this Aladdin's cave full of creative gems.

... and next week I will board the Scillonian in Penzance and sail out to beautiful Bryher.

I haven't stayed on Bryher for a few years as I've been based on St Marys to kayak for the Scilly Swim Challenge. I didn't plan to go at all this year as I should have be running around like a crazy thing putting my MA show together. But that isn't happening so I've decided to go to Bryher.

maybe it will be a turning point

maybe it will just be

a much needed break

all I'm going to do is swim

roam the beaches

sit on the edge for a moment

and breath....

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