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remembering Bryher, about my website and an exhibition happening... very soon

Bryher, 2nd to 14th September. So far away it seems now but I was there. A last minute plan and I only stayed 12 days but I am grateful for the time I had.

Long enough to give me a much needed break but not long enough for me to get to a place where I could draw and paint. I did one drawing in my sketchbook sitting on Popplestones and a few tentative doodles back at my tent.

But I spent time with friends, walked, swam and enjoyed being in a place I love.

Time has passed and Bryher is just a memory again. But a need is growing within me to go out there for longer. I want to study the colour of seaweed, feel the seasons change, be there as the swallows leave and still be there as the storms arrive.

The day after I got home my website disappeared and I transferred the domain to this new site. I apologise for the lack of connection whilst this took place but it worked in the end.

Why did I change it?

My previous Wordpress site focused on past graphics and illustration work. I made it immediately after I was made redundant from Cornwall Wildlife Trust in 2016 thinking I would be a freelance graphic designer and wildlife illustrator but the reality is I'm not interested in getting graphics work. I'm only interested in my art practice so it has sat there unused and without a real purpose for 2 years. I began asking myself what I want my website to do.

When I created this new site at the beginning of lockdown April 2020 I was trying to find a way to share what I was doing with the students and tutors at Falmouth University. I ended up making a simple website and blogging. I want a website to be a link so people can find me but mostly I want it to contain, give structure to and 'be' my practice. This new one is much more suited to that so I went through the process of closing the old one down and transferring my domain.

The blog I started in 2011 got lost in 2016 when I tried to transfer it to Wordpress.

But I've managed to reconnect it to this one and amazingly the old posts are all here. You can scroll back to any of those posts and there is a completeness now the old story is there too. This place is changing, again, and becoming more than just a way to share what I've been doing. Its becoming a place for keeping hold of the threads of my practice and hopefully it will develop and become my practice.

and the exhibition?

I'll post about it soon

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