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and its out … first out of the big cube

Still feeling weak from being ill but I went out to my garage just now and pulled this out of the cube – its such a deep mould it was quite a struggle. Of course its covered in finger prints and is very murky. The resin will take a week or so to cure enough for me to sand and polish, but I had to see if it worked. The first one is out and it works! The next stage is to work out how to connect the power supply and decide how its will be – wall or free standing? – I want them at eye level – I need you to get close and look inside – so I guess wall again. I see problems with how they are seen. My garage for Open Studios is light, light, light – its going to be useless for seeing these pieces. I need a darkened room for them. Problems to solve. Slowly, slowly – I will pour the other one today.

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