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In the mould…

together forever after 6 years of wandering

Using some of the new moulds today. Once I start pouring the stuff I can’t stop – just one more… So lots of new things are happening. So good to be able to spend the day working without so many layers on I can hardly move. Think I’ll do a bit of studio repair tomorrow. I have holes in the floor to fill and dirty walls to paint.

The painting thing needs thinking about. I need to make a leap and work bigger. Time to look back over my painting sketches and decide what it is I am trying to do and where I want to go with it. Ordered a table top easel for my inside work place and now its getting warmer plan to paint in the garage at my big easel – something to do when I have to wait for resins to go off. It is frustratingly slow sometimes and sometimes I don’t wait long enough.

in the mould

Now this is a secret. My daughter is 13 soon. She had the idea last year of making a mould of a bath duck so we could make resin ducks. She suggested we make lots of them filled with weird and wonderful things then give them to people as presents or sell them. Well I never got round to it of course – until I had a bit of spare silicone the other day. It was just enough to do a duck so I quickly made it ready. Yesterday I poured the first duck. Surprise present on her birthday. Maybe I’ll do lots.

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