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Open Studio tidy up time…

So its the 1st of May. 24 days till Open studios and look at my studio!


Had a bit of a disaster last week which meant I had to finish the bottle of resin this week. I had it open on the floor. Why on the floor? I never do that but I did this time. I had just measured out 150ml of resin and was adding the catalyst to it but somehow I spilt some. I think some of it splashed on the lid of the resin tin because when I went to open it the next day I couldn’t – it had set solid. I get it in 5 litre tins so I was lucky it was near the end but there was still too much in there to be wasting and I was in the middle of stuff so…I hack sawed it off. And I’ve been very busy ever since…

…making stuff…lots of stuff – but now its time to stop.

Time for the big tidy.

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