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Open Studios… getting there and the lights work!

I’ve been finishing the light pieces. Yesterday I got the sockets and fixed them into the back of each piece. This is the big one with beetles. Not so tricky as the wood frame allowed me to neatly fix at the back.

The resin blocks were more of a problem. Once I soldered the socket I wrapped it in insulating tape and glued and sealed with epoxy glue to the back of each one Then skimmed them with a layer of white resin to make a neat block.

But I couldn’t find out until today if they worked. I have tested them all the way along but as I had to wrap the sockets in insulating tape to protect them from the resin for this last bit I couldn’t do a last check.

I unwrapped them first thing this morning and cleaned up round the sockets ready. Was pleased with how they turned out but would they work?

When my friend arrived with the power supplies I was so worried. Hardly dared throw the switch.

But yes – they work – a great relief and a great day!

At the same time I’ve been clearing my studio, painting and putting up boards. Certainly an improvement on last week.

I love the rosemary that grows on the wall of my garage. Flowering for Open Studios.

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