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panic! – something is eating my wings …

Something is eating my wings… I had to put all my small wings in resin a few weeks ago because they were being eaten and I was going to loose them. Blue tit, wren, song thrush and kingfisher. Now the big ones are going and all my feathers are becoming lace. I’m guessing feather mites are the culprits.

I put them in the garage yesterday to sort out today forgetting that when it’s cold condensation builds up along the beams and drips onto my table, right where I’d put all my eaten feathers. So I have eaten and soggy feathers.

Anyway the calamity is forcing me to think about what I want to do with them. As I have been asked to put a newt and a frog in resin and I have another invasive marine thing to do, maybe I will do some feathers too.

Bits and pieces of things in resin are accumulating. Maybe next year I will start to put these things together.

Feathers, frog, newt, slipper limpet, butterfly wing – witchy work

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