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the big cube is out!

How interesting that my last post was ‘frozen time’ as I feel like time has stopped for me this week.

Last Friday I finally poured the big cube. Great. Only as I poured it I realized I had miscalculated the volumes and wouldn’t have enough silicone. Foolish me. I knew it would be tight – and me being tight because silicone is expensive I’d only bought one can – false economy, should have bought two to be sure! But too late. Weekend and Easter meant I couldn’t do anything till Tuesday so I’d have to do something else and learn a lesson.

Then Saturday evening I started feeling unwell. By Tuesday I had spent two days in bed feeling bad and incapable of doing anything but by the morning convinced myself I was better and drove out to United Downs to get more silicone. I felt a bit shaky but was determined. I managed to finish the mould when I got home but it was probably all a bit too much as I got worse after that.

Today I am up and a little better. The sun is shining and I went out into the garage to see my mould. I brought it into the house as I was too cold and shaky out there. It has taken me my whole days energy to take off all the lego walls and extract the master from the completed mould – but I did it.

And here it is. A 4 inch or 10.5 cm cube. Now I shall collapse for the rest of the day happy that it has worked.

Maybe tomorrow I will feel stronger and put the first light piece together in it.

After I have seen the sea.

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