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The Gift... an online exhibition of my MA show

Updated: Oct 23

For friends who missed it

I know a few friends missed my show so I'm putting everything online. The show contained text, books and hidden things and was on for a short time so maybe being on screen will allow time for reading and slower seeing.

I've called the exhibition 'The Gift' after my critical publication; The Gift, Bearing witness in a time of catastrophe. Researching and writing this essay enriched my art practice and gave me a sense of place. It also gave me space and 'permission' to study and write.

… last page of The Gift, Bearing witness in a time of catastrophe


A fold out guide is placed on a table in the corner of the room. It takes you to an old wooden bureau containing sketchbooks and draws full of bird skulls, natural objects, resins poems and books. You are then led to the concertina sketchbooks opened up along long shelves, records of a time spent, then to etchings and monotypes on the walls, and finally to a block of resin and light. You are invited to sit, open draws, explore, pick up objects and read.

The bureau draws...

… the breath before the next breath

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