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the wrong silicone…

Been shopping with Jo…

… I spent too far too much money in CFS but it had to be done.

On the way home we explored a few scrapyards. I’m looking for thin copper but none was to be found. Will keep hunting. I love scrapyards but haven’t been to one since I moved to Cornwall – that’s over 20 years. Think I might get back into scrapyard hunting again. There were some beautiful colours in the soft grey rain.

metal landscape

copper strata


When I got home found I’d bought the wrong silicone!

… as in this one is more expensive because its transparent and better for clear cast resin but my moulds are so simple there is no need and the cheaper ones will do… oh well never mind…

…poured them anyway.

So now I have posh transparent moulds!

… interesting.

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