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Sarah McCartney Artist

Cornish artist living and working in Falmouth


Currently studying for the Authorial Illustration MA at Falmouth University. A Cornish artist living and working in Falmouth. Studied in London for many years finishing with a post graduate diploma in sculpture at the Royal Academy of Arts in 1989. Since returning in 1991 Cornwall and the sea have shaped and influence my life and work.

'My work is... process led, rooted in recording, collecting and drawing, reflecting time spent in landscape, my way of living, of being awake, remembering that I am not separate'

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happy to be printing

Went in my studio for a few hours. Thinking about the seal and being in the earth and swimming. Did five mono prints. Unhappy as each one...

one morning step out

one morning step out after a strong swim into big swell muscles fully stretched out breathe deepened and slowed down turn for a last look...

Finding joy in little things

A robin follows me as I dig. Sandwich terns dive around me hunting for silver fish as I swim. Rain falls on the surface of the sea and my...

we stand alone

to get my head around this takes so much time this new life we stand alone surreal figures on the beach spaced out at intervals sun...


I had seen a few posts come up on Face Book about #artchain but wasn’t really sure what it was about. Then I was nominated by a couple of...

Christmas Arts and Crafts Party

I am taking some of my work to 90 Marlborough Road for their Christmas Arts and Crafts Party on the 5th, 6th and 7th of December. Really...


I have been fascinated by sea urchins for ages. As a kid coming down for holidays in Polzeath I remember seeing baskets of the shells...

being a beetle

I spent Sunday tidying and it looked great, for a moment, until I started making frames and pouring resin again. So now it will be a few...

a print day

bladder wrack hunt my mind

Print School inspiration

Had a week printing at John Howard’s studio in Penryn at the end of September. Learnt so much and was very inspired. To find some way of...


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