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fish, wakame and Fannie & Fox

… been painting more fish. This week it was mergim and plaice. I started a lemon sole this afternoon. I know it looks very orange at the moment but it will be fine – honest!

… and I’ve been pressing seaweeds. I am embedding invasive marine species for ERCCIS (Environmental Records for Cornwall and Isles of Scilly) – a blog about this to come sometime soon as it is very interesting. A load of wakame was brought to me this evening to press so my garage is full of dripping seaweed!

… and now am sanding and polishing resins. Getting stuff ready to set up a new exhibition on Tuesday.

I am joining Fannie & Fox in Penryn, which is going to be run as a co-operative. I have shown work in exhibitions at this beautiful gallery before but now you will always find my work there and for two days in every month you will find me too.

We will be opening with new work on 1st May. Opening times are 10 – 5 Tuesday to Saturday. There are 10 artists with a wide variety of beautiful work including jewellery, felting, etchings, paper cuttings, ceramics, painting, sculpture and cards.

I will have small resins for sale and be showing my new wax pieces.

Will say more about this soon.

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