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Fishtank does Riverbank, Truro

I have three peices of work in this exhibition at The Riverbank, Truro which is up for two months.

Root writing

I drift, I accept…

’I am a collector of words, butterflies wings, beetles, seed pods, bottle tops, driftwood, shells, wire, bones, lines, colours. I create poem pictures with my collections by embedding them in resin. Over time, layer by layer the memories, the dreams, the beautiful things come together and, using recycled wood, copper, tin, gold leaf and resin, I frame them. I make them precious hoping that you will find your own poetry, make your own histories, dream your own dreams with my words as they shift through the layers.’

Only a few remember

I have been working away for years since leaving collage in 1990, painting and drawing mostly, but never brought anything to a ‘finished’ enough state to really show anyone. But now my daughter is growing up and my garage is set up just right I have shifted gear and am making again. I have finished quite a few peices and am in the middle of loads of new things. I will put finished pieces and new work on here as it is made but maybe sketchbook pages and interesting things I find that inspire me or maybe pictures or the work in progress too.

My newest find is a collection of bird skeletons that were scattered in the ashes of an old cast iron stove – how or why I don’t like to think but I find them quite beautiful and they will probably end up embedded in resin eventually.

This is a piece I’m working on using a birds skull and its wing.

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