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life drawing again …

I’ve not had a chance to do any life drawing since early summer. So much for making it a regular thing in my life. But yesterday I got a chance so I packed board, easel, paper and a big box of drawing stuff in the van and drove down to Mullion for a days drawing.

I didn’t really know what I was doing or what I wanted to do. I felt fragmented. I didn’t stay in one place long or do anything sustained just kept moving and redrawing the same pose over and over…

… and as I forgot to bring a small board so I could move around the room to find the best position the only roaming I did was with my very small sketchbook.

But I like these. After drawing the models curves, hips and hollows over and over again she became hills, stones and bones.

Later a friend asked if I had done any great drawing. I said I didn’t but I’m good with that. The point wasn’t to do anything great just to draw…

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