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The Cornish Good Seafood Guide launch …

Monday was the launch of the Cornwall Good Seafood Guide website at my favourite fish and chip shop Harbour Lights in Falmouth. Please look at this fantastic website and use it. It’s there to help you make good seafood choices.

For over a year now I have been creating illustrations for this project as part of my job at Cornwall Wildlife Trust and I am quite proud to know l have helped in a small way to make it the great resource it is.

It was a fabulous job to be asked to do and I really enjoyed it but it was also incredibly hard and draining. The hardest times were when I had to stop painting regularly because I had so much other Trust work to do then had to start again. I was very slow and my confidence and belief in myself as an artist completely crumbled but I had to keep painting. Thanks to my long suffering friends for being there and supporting me when I was dark and doubting everything. Mostly thanks to Marmite my companion through many fishy moments.

Incredibly, though I doubted almost every one I did, they came out OK. I didn’t have time to illustrate all 68 species I was asked to do so Matt Slatter, Marine Awareness Officer for Cornwall Wildlife Trust, who I was working for, had to find illustrations from other sources. But I did 30 of the most important species and they are being used on posters, pop-ups and stickers and the prettiest ones will be sold as prints hopefully to raise money for the Trust.

If you eat seafood it’s important to buy locally and from a sustainable source. This website is packed full of information to help you choose well.

For more information about the launch and the project go to Cornwall Wildlife Trusts Website

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