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waiting for resin to set and new wax to arrive …

tray of resins for sale at Fannie & Fox

Was in the garage today. I’ve finished the big tidy so it is a pleasure to be out there again.

I have started making a load of small square resins. The idea earlier last year was that I would make loads and loads of them. I did but people have been buying them, which is great, but it means I haven’t made the big pieces I planned to make with them. I like having loads and loads of them around me. It is my own jigsaw of life and I spend hours moving them around each other. Some will be very simple with seaweeds and shells, others more complicated with text. Hopefully I will carry on selling them but I can also get on with the bigger pieces using lots of them together.

I like the resin before it is polished. The objects are unclear and seem to float in mist.

I am looking forward to experimenting with roughing up the surfaces and using more white resin and lights.

At the same time I am working with wood. Benches are covered in strips of oak as I prepare to make frames and boards for wax painting. I haven’t the right wax yet. I have ordered refined white beeswax to make encaustic medium. I have made medium with unrefined beeswax which is a gorgeous golden colour but I need to have white too.

So whilst I wait for the resin to set and the wax to arrive I paint with ink and primer.

Back to drawing seaweeds. More on my Facebook page

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