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Beach combing on Prisk and pressing seaweeds

The clocks have gone forward and its beginning to feel a bit lighter and warmer. I found some time at last to get out to the wild place I love. I went to Prisk at low tide to gather seaweeds for pressing.

I want to press as many as I can this year so I have a good supply to make cards, set in resin and experiment with encaustic collage.

It’s the first time I have done anything creative in my new studio since I moved. Life is so full of other things. It felt very good to be out there pottering.

Whilst wandering on Prisk I found this amazing nursehound egg case entwined in the seaweeds. I held it up to the light to see the egg sac inside. Hopefully it will hatch into a little nursehound shark soon.

I hunted for periwinkles hiding in the dark wracks.  They shine out.

Beautiful bright jewels.

On the way home I nearly stood on this little creature bumbling and determined. My first bloody nosed beetle of the year.

A sure sign spring is coming

But my best find was a couple of days ago. I ran down to Prisk to escape from the panic of living. I was picking up a piece of driftwood and nearly stood on the most perfect green sea urchin cast I’ve ever found. And to my great joy it was so perfect the mouth parts or ‘Aristotle’s lantern’ were still inside it.

What a find.  

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