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the beauty of seaweed…

A little break from Open Studios to look at the seaweeds I collected last week. Some I hung up to dry in my garage and have been nibbling since as it is really tasty, the Dulse particularly.

But most I spread out on paper to dry. The Irish moss I really love.

I keep them in boxes once they are dried to use in my sculpture.

The most beautiful were the fine reds that I had to arrange underwater as they were so delicate.

This is sea beech as I found it on the beach intensely pink then a few days later after it had dried.

I didn’t press them properly. I just laid them out on not very brilliant paper and let them dry.

This is sea oak…

… and a few days later dried

transparent and delicate like a fine water colour.

Next time I will use sea water and lay them on decent paper and press them under boards. Next time I’ll do it properly and learn a few more species.

set in resin. translucent. light shining through

ideas for the future

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